Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm Yours

My Memory piano song
(click & listen while your reading this poem)

I began to look endlessly into the wandering space
I felt its bitter coldness of a winter’s storm
I tried to embrace
With the touch of my hand, I transform
The bitter breeze gradually drifts upon my face
I folded my eyes and listen to sound of my memories
There, I find your voices whispering to my ear
“I’m yours”
by: DQN
dedicated to you my love

i'm not good at poem stuff but i just wanted to do one for my gf, for our anniversary
this is a small gift that my gf bought me from Las Vegas :)
it's my fav pair to wear all the time when i'm out.
what can i say, it rocks!

updates: I have been away for like a month now... can't believe i havn't really take any picture in the past month.... kind got depressed when my computer crashed.
still saving for an Mac....
other than that, i'm doing fine :)

it's been raining like crazy in southern Cali in the past few days, i ran into bad bad luck one after another....sighs i should stay home for now.

ps. i was gonna upload some rain pix but it's too sad and depress, lets get some colors in my daY!! i miss those bokeh stuff i used to do....

Thanks, please leave comments for your concerns
Have a nice night :)

Taken with one of Nikon's Gem
Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2
"A Nikon's Dream Lens"


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