Thursday, May 21, 2009

April and May

I had a very long month. April is my favorite month and also the most interesting month in the year for me. Oh oh! don't forget May guys! May is like the Ending and Start of things for me. I am done with finals and school yesterday, phew what a stressful semester... so I am done right? so while everyone is getting weeks of break before summer school, I have three days... But it is ok! i am only try to take 10 units =] not much right? I haven't done any major photoshoot project lately due to the busy schedule.
Okay I wont keep you reading...we'll let the picture speaks :) Let see what I've done in April and May, shall we?

This is Toc Tien. She is a great Singer and wonderful friend.

In the beginning of this month, it was my sister's engagement! Congratulation to her. This is where i learn shooting indoor is tough! especially lowlight condition.

hmm I will post new post for other pics and talk about it in details.